Weed department getting new ATV, GPS

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The Jefferson County Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species Department is continuing its ATV rotation schedule after the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners approved a purchase of a new Suzuki four-wheeler.

At an April 10 meeting, Director Mitch Whitmill told the board that the ATV had over 3,500 miles on it and that was when they start breaking down.

“We just keep them on rotation,” he said.

He had received three bids for a Suzuki or similar, but said he had extra parts for Suzukis and wanted to buy another.

“We prefer to stay with the Suzukis because we have all the parts for them,” he said.

Action Motor Sports of Idaho Falls had the best price, which after trade in, was $3,683. Whitmill suggested that the board take it out of his capital purchases line, which held $23,000.

He said that he also would like to equip the Suzuki with a new GPS device to track where he sprays. It may help the county in disputes where residents say that the weed department killed their bushes or flowers.

“It shows where we treat or spray,” he said. “It’s more for a ‘cover your back.’”

The total price for the unit was $1,895.

Commissioner Scott Hancock put forth a motion to approve the purchase of the ATV, with Commissioner Fred Martinez seconding. It was unanimously approved.

Martinez moved to purchase the GPS device, with Hancock seconding. It also was unanimously approved.

Whitmill said he hoped to have all his ATVs tracked by GPS.

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