Burnt trailer cleanup costing Ririe

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A mobile home gutted by fire has cost the City of Ririe over $5,000 to clean up.

At a Dec. 13 meeting, Clerk Belinda Jorgensen said that bills still may be coming in, but currently the city has paid $5,094. City Attorney Robin Dunn said that the city might have to lien the property in order to recover its money

The trailer on East Miller Street burned down June 7. Jorgensen said that the property owner told the city that she would pay for the cleanup. Jorgensen isn’t sure now.

Asbestos was found in the ruins, prompting an expensive abatement.

“The asbestos was something that was unforeseen,” she said.

Jorgensen said that in speaking to the auditor, the city would not take the money out of any of the city’s line items, and instead set aside a fund to recoup its costs.

Mayor Larry Lovell said that Roger Warner, of Rocky Mountain Environmental, helped the city free of cost in finding steps to proceed with disposing of the asbestos.

Dunn said that the city could proceed with a court action to place a lien on the property to ensure that the city gets something back.

He said if the city wished to go forward, he would only need the dollar amount spent in the cleanup. Jorgensen said she could send it.

A neighbor has expressed interest in purchasing the property, and Jorgensen said that the owner also wants the property back after the cleanup is complete.

All that’s left on the property now, Councilman Ralph Simpson explained, is metal frames from the mobile home. He said that he had been contacted by a company that would be interested in cutting it up and hauling it away.

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